Process Specialists, Inc. (PSI) is a process and management consulting firm focused on the industrial manufacturing sector. 


Our support and supplemental services encompass

·     project planning for small, mid-size, or large integrated projects

·     manufacturing process development and improvement for capital projects

·     process evaluation offering unique manufacturing solutions to reduce production costs and increase yields

·     operational/maintenance reliability analysis focusing on enhancing equipment uptime,  resolving recurring maintenance problems, and improving safety

·     project management as an extension of our client’s existing management

·     master planning tied to the corporation’s strategic and tactical business plans


PSI personnel will either develop the client’s concept or initiate an approved PSI concept and carry it through to full execution. 


Our staff has the experience and confidence to take a project from conception through detailed installation/start-up, utilizing our highly developed network of expertise for packaging, structural, architectural, geo-technical, and power distribution engineering along with other specialized services. 


Our business approach encompasses

·     full analysis services, including standard industrial consulting services and controls system analysis

·     business and master plan review for execution flaws

·     site master planning

·     teaming with our client’s personnel to evaluate and enhance manufacturing processes

·     productivity and profitability analyses

·     project scope evaluation and investigation

·     effective utilization of contractors, fabricators, and related outside resources


PSI experience specific to the food industry includes

·     construction and start-up of numerous vegetable, bakery, meat and entrée (value added) operational systems           

·     initiation of process-specific patents which enhanced the client’s competitive position

·     refrigeration system analysis and optimization

·     client personnel training in PSM and related refrigeration systems operation for both process and cold storage applications 

·     steam system review and optimization, including operational and maintenance training

·     construction management and start-up of a modified potato starch system (as an extension of the owner’s staff)

·     extensive cost improvement in bakery, entrée, dessert, vegetable and meat operations, including substantial cost reduction generated  through site consolidation, labor reduction, and yield enhancement

·     operational cost analysis of ingredient supplier systems                              

·     preliminary analysis and capitalized/operational costing of animal feedstock produced from spent brewer’s grain

·     new product process execution for vegetable, meat, and entrée business

·     maintenance systems optimization                                                   

·     procurement and construction contract management and execution, as the owner’s agent

·     process system specification, based upon product attributes

·     drying, frying, and freezing process applications

·     small- to large-scale storage and distribution systems for vegetables, sauces, and oils

·     environmental (waste water and air discharge) system optimization through improvement of upstream processes

·     HVAC analysis and humidity control